Clients Comments


Clients Comments

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Andrea this the 2nd portrait that you have done for me. Jake first now Harry.
Both are so realistic its like looking at a picture taken by a camera.
Harry you have managed to catch the sparkle in his eyes. It's so beautiful thank you so much.

Maria Ion

Portrait of Dame Helen Mirren - art group demonstration

Dear Andrea, as Chairman of Oakham Art Group I want to thank you for the very good two hour demonstration session given for our group today. Starting from a rough sketch of Dame Helen's head and shoulders, within about ninety minutes you filled in an excellent likeness of her down to a very fine level of detail including individual strands of hair. Some of us are now I think going to to try our hands at pastels for the first time, on the strength of your excellent example today.
Bruce Allison


You've captured my handsome lad perfectly, thankyou so much. He's intelligent and willful and it shows. I thought he could jump right out of the picture!
I love it, a beautiful 50th birthday gift. Many thanks Andrea.
Alison Winter


Lovely work on Oscar, Andrea
We love it


Thank you so much for the stunning portrait of Storm. I cried when I saw it because it is so beautiful and you have captured her so well.
Really impressed by your work and very grateful. Lizzy Lewis
Lizzy Lewis

Dippy portrait

Dear Andrea,

This is a very belated thank you for the most fantastic portrait of my beautiful Dippy. George presented it to me for christmas and I was absolutely open mouthed!!

It is not only a FANTASTIC portrait with incredible attention to detail, but it is absolutely identical to her!

You have managed to capture her mischievous personality alongside her elegant looks, and every time I look at it I smile!

You are truly very talented and I wish you all the success with your artwork in the future.

This is also an open invite to come and see Dippy in the flesh if you ever find yourself in Oxfordshire, you too would be shocked at the uncanny resemblance!!

Thanks again and kindest regards,

Lucie Cowan
Lucie Cowan

Monte's Portrait

Hi Andrea - Just a quick message regarding the portrait you so kindly created of Monte for my wife's Christmas present. Catherine was absolutely thrilled with it & it now adorns our new fireplace in the lounge, the majority of our Christmas guests actually thought it was a photo (praise indeed).

As previously mentioned I have always, in the past, been unimpressed by most animal portrait artists that I've come across, but your talent is exceptional & I'm so pleased I bumped into you at the Brooke Priory Christmas Bazaar & even more thrilled with the end result.

Thanks again Andrea & I wish you all the best for 2013.

Regards - Niall
Niall Cooke

Painting of Horse at Burghley Horse Trials

Hello Andrea, I love the painting. I believe my sister Linda supplied the original photo for you to use. I was also there at the horse trials with Linda.
Love your work.
Pat Haselwood

Drawing of fox

Andrea, you did an amazon job! Mum and dad opened the drawing of the fox you did for us last night which was from us for their 25th anniversary and they loved it! Thank you so much! Hope it all goes well at Blenheim Palace horse trials!
Emily and Daniel

Tia's drawing

Andrea you did a great job with Tia's drawing, currently doing another one for us of a fox...looking forward to seeing the completed drawing! Thank you so much


Hi andrea ive just had a look at roxy what can i say apart from WOW.Me and my partner are very pleased.+++++++++
wayne davenport

Bubble and Squeak

Thank you for creating this masterpeice!
It is beautiful and looks like the real photograph and expresses their characters! I also love another work of yours called 'Bugsy', This is amazing too!
Matthew Fyall


The portrait of Lilly is for my partner and I know she will be overjoyed , as I was , when she sees it. It is simply fantastic and I'm so pleased at the final result. Brian
Brian Collier

Harvey and Mutley

Hi Andrea,
We would just like to express our thanks for the portrait of Harvey and Mutley which you so beautifully created for our joint Christmas present!

It is a joy to recall how cute they were as three year olds.
On seeing the portrait our friends comment on how artistically you have succeeded in portraying their individual characters as well as the superb pastel work.
Ann & Malcolm Ross


Hi andrea, I would like to start drawing and would like to know the best quality pencils and crayons to use and the material that you work with and any other useful tips. my daughter wants to buy me this for my christmas present so if you could e-mail me the answers to these questions a.s.a.p. we would be very grateful. many thanks Isabelle.

Pat on the back

Love the website and the painting looking better and better all the time. Well done big sis!

Queen Of Waves

Hello Andrea
Great Website I am looking forward to you finsihing my portrait.
Love your work.
Marisa xx
Marisa Ball

Love your web site

Hi Andrea
This looks blinking marvelous, well done you. Love the animal pics they really do look fantastic, if only I had a pet for you to draw.
Keep busy.
Cheers B xxxxxxxxx

Another Portrait please...

Can you do me a portrait of Betty Gambe (boxer dog) as a present for Zoe. Give me a call when you come back off holiday and we can arrange a meet x x

Meg's Portrait

Dear Andrea

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful portrait of Meg, which now has pride of place in our lounge. It is so life like it seems Meg is in the room with us. You have a wonderful talent, which I am sure will give you a great future in the art world.

Thank you once again.

Jean Whitehouse